Driven by curiosity, a desire to learn, and making things work better.

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I listen to understand a problem, do research to identify and/or confirm it, and then create solutions for them.

I’m a designer/developer based out of Philadelphia, with a passion and love for creating products that put users first. Using thoughtful research and design thinking, I have a desire to fix processes and make products and services run smoother and easier for the user.

My involvement in projects to date has been as a visual designer, front-end developer, and email developer. I’ve dabbled in user-experience, as I think there should always be an aspect of user understanding in design, development, and email creation. I’m a bit of an #emailgeek, there is too much interesting things happening in email.

I live by the idea of “design is more then making it pretty”. To me design is the culmination of the creation and execution of a solution; understanding your audience and their needs; and using critical thinking skills to solve problems. This combination of design-thinking and execution is what I find most enjoyable and rewarding. By combining my print skills, current knowledge, and With my inclination for digital design and coding this left me straddling the design and development line in an ever growing digital landscape.

My greatest asset is my passion for learning, which is due in great part to my never-ending curiosity about how things work. I can learn new techniques or programs at an amazing speed, getting too obsessed at times. I take great enjoyment in trying to find more efficient ways to create things and looking into new technologies. I’m always looking to expand my knowledge through online learning, taking classes, going to conferences, or reading articles.

I like to share and interact on Twitter; get inspired and share my projects on Dribbble; tinker and learn new code on Codepen; and work on my projects on Github. In my free time, I'm an avid reader with a ever-growing backlog of books or trying to get through my game collection for the PS4.

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