I’m Tori Pugh, a developer & designer who creates solutions, codes stuff, and designs things.

Specializing in UX/UI design and front-end development. I create products that have engaging experiences and function as well as they look. My solutions are created with the user in mind and by using data and research.

What I Can Do

I love the whole process of developing a product, from start to finish. I am mindful of the project as a whole and how all pieces interact with each other. Though I keep an eye on the small details within pieces as well.

I love to learn, and learn at an amazing speed, it doesn't matter if it is a new technique or a program. I enjoy trying to find more efficient ways to create things and make sure they benefit the end-user as much as I can. To this end, constant education is always happening and I'm looking at new technologies to see what could be an improvement.

Delve a bit deeper?

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