What’s the best way to present your freelance business: Studio or Person?

Published Date: January 03 2018

This is a question I’ve been struggling with lately. I like the professionalism being a studio can bring. It looks better to approach clients as a studio. More people feel confident interacting with a perceived group versus a single individual. A con is not wanting to mislead people and project a bordering on false image. When creating my website, should I use a “royal we”? Or, should I use I? I’m unsure which to choose. When they get to the about page are they expecting more than me? What if I don’t tell them much about me? Then it makes it harder to connect with a client by sharing your story and such.

I fear that not being a studio, no one will think I’m serious. I don’t want to people to think of me as a tool that does whatever they want regardless of the strength of the idea. I would rather be a partner in the solution. I want to be able to stand with them and help them through the problem. Not someone called when they perceive a problem and want me to take steps for them. Note, there isn’t anything wrong with that. I, myself, don’t want to be far from the idea generation. I like being apart of that side and giving my input in creating a great product.

Right now my solution is to be a studio. It feels stronger appearance wise and looks better to clients. I do feel kind of like a fake though. In time, I’ll show my value and not have to worry about being misleading.